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The Accidentals

a women's barbershop quartet based in los angeles

About us




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The Accidentals

[the ak-si-den-tls]


a women's barbershop quartet based in los angeles, ca.



Formed in May of 2014 by four members of the RiverOaks Chorus, The Accidentals are a fun-loving and energetic group of women who perform everything from traditional barbershop to oldies, showtunes, and even Adele. Since getting together, they have sung at birthday parties, fundraising galas, open mic nights, chorus shows, and on the regional stage for Sweet Adelines competitions. Additionally, they appeared as carolers on the Christmas episode of ABC Family's hit show, "The Fosters." 


The Accidentals are:


Juli Liu, Lead

Stephanie Raymond, Baritone

Sheri McCrone, Bass

Megan Lynn, Tenor



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