Visitors are always welcome!

As of July 6th (2021), we're returning

to in-person rehearsals.

We'll make sure you have sheet music and we may ask if you'd like to join us on the risers for our warm-up activities or to learn a new song.  Our Director will help determine which part you will be singing.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing -

you'll be standing to sing.

Once you've been to several rehearsals, you'll be given music and learning tracks of an audition song.  Members of the chorus will join you to privately give you an opportunity to practice singing in a quartet.

When you're ready to audition, you'll sing in a quartet for the music staff and Director.

This is a membership organization and there are dues.  To find out about the particular costs of membership, you can speak with our finance coordinator at one of the rehearsals.

Rehearsal Location

We are currently rehearsing in a chorus member's back yard,

every Tuesday, 6pm - 7:30pm

until our regular rehearsal hall is open for activities again. 

for address


TBD when we'll be returning to our regular location:

St. Mark's Episcopal Church Hall
14646 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA  91406

Tuesday nights

7 - 9:30 pm

Meet in Multi Purpose Room,

not the chapel.


Contact us with questions or to let us know you are coming! 

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"I used to sing only in the shower, but that was getting boring and my water bills skyrocked!  After joining RiverOaks, I met a group of wonderful women who all love to sing barbershop harmony together!  I am so very happy to sing harmony by their sides.  I've learned a lot about vocal production and my water bill has gone way down!"