Interim Director

RiverOaks is pleased to welcome the talented Dave Tautkus to our group!


Dave Tautkus

Our beloved director, Theresa Schonbach, has decided to retire and will be hanging up her pitch pipe and moving on to other pursuits including coaching.  Theresa has been a member of Sweet Adelines International for 20+ years and a certified director for several years.  She is a classically trained musician with a passion for barbershop harmony!  Theresa has brought her tremendous talent and love of all things musical to our little chorus.  We have had more than just a director for the last 13 years... we have had a friend and mentor to champion us to be our very best selves and to have a good time while doing it.  We will greatly miss her and wish her the very best.  


"RiverOaks Chorus is such a special place.  We all love to sing and get better at our craft but of equal importance is the fact that our culture is so very strong...We bring our wealth of personal experiences to the risers each week – that diversity does come through our music and we all like and respect each other both on and off the risers.

Theresa Schonbach